Kenneth Deedy Environmental Internship Fund


Please consider helping the MACNC celebrate the life long efforts of Ken Deedy, a founding member of the Thousand Island Land Trust (TILT) and champion of River conservation, by donating to the Kenneth Deedy Environmental Internship Fund. The fund will annually support a summer internship for an environmentally minded high school student, read on for more details!

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An Endowment Fund Dedicated to the Education of our Next Generation of Environmental Stewards


The purpose of the Fund is to provide the necessary financial support to hire a high school student annually. The student is to be selected based on his/her credentials and interest in land conservation, environmental education and/or environmental advocacy. The student will have the opportunity to work with the Thousand Islands Land Trust (TILT) for (3) weeks, Save The River (STR) for (3) weeks and Minna Anthony Common Nature Center (MACNC) for (3) weeks. On an annual basis, TILT, STR, and MACNC will collectively determine the programs that the student will be involved with for the duration of the internship.

Type of Fund:

The Fund will be an endowment fund. Only the income may be used and such income will be determined using TILT’s fund spending policy, which permits an annual spending of up to a maximum of 4% of the average 3-year fund balance.

Sources of Funds:

Contributions to the Fund will include an initial donation from Kenneth Deedy. This donation will be matched by the Fresh Sound Foundation. TILT is also submitting a grant request to the Northern New York Community Foundation. TILT will also dedicate any/all gifts in tribute to Ken toward the Fund. TILT encourages STR and MACNC to dedicate tribute gifts to the Fund. The long-term goal is to build the Fund to a minimum of $150,000 by December 2019.

Uses of the Fund:

The investment income will be used to cover the expenses associated with the annual hiring of a high school student. To simplify the hiring and employment process, TILT will be responsible for the hiring process, employment and overall management of the Fund. STR and MACNC will be encouraged to provide input during the hiring process. The student will be paid through TILT. In the event STR and/or MACNC decide not to use the allotted internship time, then TILT has the discretion to determine how that time is reallocated.

Administration of the Fund:

The Fund will be held at the Northern New York Community Foundation.